Old city
Its how they call now a part of modern city
But its not area, not territory
It simply other City of other dimention and epoch
Not everyone can see the finest in these wrinkled walls
Weak-sighted windows
In stoop of drainpipes
How many people have grown up here, grown old
How many has already left
Houses are still here
They still alive
They grew old together with tenants for their pleasures and cares
Here someone's laughter was scattered on a backstairs
And on plaster - smudges from tears
In warm days the Old City is caressed by the sun and recollects
And looks at you so wearily
So wise
Approach it
Enter into its court yard and a poplar
Look in to the eyes of the past
And to your future
Let this City becomes yours

Leningrad 1983г

Group of artists "Old City": Russia, St-Petersburg, Angliyskiy prospect 34-26.

Phone. : (812) 495 07 66 - (495) 193 01 27


Group of artists " Old City " was formed in 1981

Participants of group, which work are presented on this site are: Yan Antonishev, Dmitry Egorovsky, Anastasia Slepisheva, landscapes, images and myths of old Petersburg and other cities of the world have being used as inspiration for their art. Whether it be Petersburg, Paris or Florence, they are interested in the City unusual for guidebooks and different from the basic tourist routes, the real environment and atmosphire of City which, nevertheless, substantially defines its cultural character and character of people living in it.

Artists of group work in various genres, technics and styles, but are incorporated by one theme. They perceive City as an alive organism which feels, hears, speaks and contacts with one who isliving in it and form it.
And it, responding at a close sight of the artist, at work of its hand, given to it a new life, wonderful image changes and opens the person. The city landscape becomes a portrait of City on a meeting with which artists wish to invite spectators.

Exhibitions of artists:

  • 1987 - Festival of the creative unions. The union of Architects. Leningrad.
  • 1988 - the Museum of the castle Narva. Estonia
  • 1989 - " From avant guarde to perestroicka ". The Exhibition hall in Harbour. Leningrad
  • 1989 - the Museum of History of City. Leningrad.
  • 1990 - "City" the Central Showroom "Manej'". Leningrad.
  • 1990 - " Old City ". The Showroom of church the st.Nikolas Florence, Italy
  • 1991 - " Old City ". The Showroom of the Union of Artists on Okhta. St.-Petersburg.
  • 1992 - " Old City " the Union of Artists. St.-Petersburg.
  • 1994 - " Old City " the Union of Artists. St.-Petersburg.
  • 1995 - " Old City " the Museum of a city sculpture, Alexsandro-Nevskaya Lavra. St.-Petersburg.
  • 1996 - " Old City - 15 years " the Exhibition in a workshop on Fontanka, 133. St.-Petersburg.
  • 1996 - " Old City ". Gallery "103". St.-Petersburg
  • 1998 - " the Guessing on a coffee grounds The manifest Old City " Coffee house, the Summer garden. St.-Petersburg.
  • 1999 - " Old City " the Russian-German Cultural Center. St.-Petersburg.
  • 1999 - " Old City ". A museum of cape Arykona Rugen. Germany
  • 2000 - " Old City " - Coffee house. A summer garden. St.-Petersburg.
  • 2001 - " Old City ". Gallery " Art-board ". St.-Petersburg.
  • 2001 - " City on a canvas " the Showroom "Creativity", street Taganskaja. Moscow.
  • 2001 - " Old City - 20 years later " " Gallery on Gorohovoi St.-Petersburg.
  • 2002 - " All Petersburg " the Central Showroom "Manej'". St.-Petersburg.
  • 2003 - " Old City " gallery " expo-88 ". Moscow.
  • 2003 - " Old City " the Exhibition on a film festival of the Russian cinema in a Onfler. France.
  • 2004 - May. A personal exhibition of Yan Antonishev. Gallery " Na Svechnom ". St.-Petersburg.
  • 2004 - June. " Old City " in commonwealth with Petersburg artist Oleg Golovko. An exhibition " City in " Old City ". Objects, painted furniture and subjects transformed into model of the city environment together with paintings and graphics (see our projects). Gallery " Borey ". St.-Petersburg.
  • 2004 - July. " Old City " at festival of the Petersburg galleries in the Central Showroom (Manej'). St.-Petersburg.
  • 2004 - November. Joint exhibition of Anastaisia Slepisheva and Dmitry Egorovsky" City for two ". Gallery "А-3". Moscow.
  • 2005 - September. An exhibition of group "Old City" in gallery "Naivety". St.-Petersburg.

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