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Dmitry Egorovsky



Dmitry Egorovsky

was born in Leningrad in 1965. Being a student in 1981 jointly with an artist Jan Antonishev he established one of the most famous art groups in St.Petersburg named “ Old City ”.

When the perestroika started in 1989 his works became best-sellers at one of the first auctions of Modern Art in Soviet Union (an exhibition named “From vanguard to perestroika”, in an exhibition complex “The harbor”, Leningrad ).

In 1991 ht graduates from the Art and Graphics Faculty of St.Petersburg Pedagogical University named for Gertsen. He's been a member of the St.Petersburg department of the Commonwealth of artists since 1992. From 1988 to 2005 he participates in all important city exhibitions in Leningrad – St.Petersburg, in group exhibitions of “ Old City ” in the Central Exhibition hall “Manege”, in the museum of the city history, in the Commonwealth of artists, in the Urban Statuary Art Museum , in the gallery “Palette”, etc.

In 1994 his pieces of work are to be presented in the St.Petersburg Union of Architects and in the exhibition hall of Petropavlovsk Fortress in 1995 both individually and jointly with his father Vadim Egorovsky being a photo artist. Besides he represents Russian art at the Modern Art Festival in Germany in 1999, at the Biennial of Modern Art on Malta and at the Russian Cinema Festival in France in 2003. He became a laureate of the Russian President scholarship in 1997.

Besides easel painting and graphics he created murals (a school in Uchitelskaya street , a library in Prosveshcheniye Avenue in St.Petersburg) and book graphics (the book “Petropavlovsk Fortress” published by “Prosveshcheniye” in1998).

His works are to be found in private and corporate collections in Russia elsewhere.

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